How to create a successful brand campaign

Social media marketing has emerged as an influential tool for small and big businesses to reach out to potential and current customers

How to create a successful brand campaign
Deploy the power of big data to predict consumer behaviour and trends to target specific groups.

By Suvid Bajaj 

Marketing has always been a critical component for any company’s long term success and while it is constantly changing and evolving, its fundamentals remain the same. To capitalise on the massive opportunities in marketing a brand or product, one must keep some fundamental elements in mind to ensure the message is not lost in the medium.

Here are a few tips on how to create a successful marketing campaign-

Understand your target audience and the core insight

Unless one knows their target audience (TA) well, the time, money and effort spent on campaigns will go to waste. Once the TA is clear, identifying the right insight for the brand becomes critical. The insight to identify depends on the stage of evolution of the brand and the narrative built on the brand so far.  The key for any brand would always be to offer something distinct (unique if possible), credible and relevant.

Define the strategy and objective

Keeping the entire team in sync with the ongoing brand campaign and overall objective is imperative to garner robust results. To achieve this goal, the strategy and end objectives must be lucidly defined in advance with all stakeholders across the organisation. Moreover, everyone would then be clear about their specific roles in this scheme of things when predetermined objectives are announced in advance. 

Set the right messaging and expectations

Both internal and relevant external stakeholders need to be on the same page vis-à-vis a brand campaign, its messaging and intended KPIs. In this way, all stakeholders can speak in one voice regarding the brand’s messaging to the TA. Also, remember that brands must establish an emotional link with consumers and make certain their USP is highlighted in key communiqués. 

Personalisation pays

Whatever the brand, personalisation pays a tremendous dividend. Given the clutter of brand marketing campaigns in the conventional and digital domains, personalisation is all the more imperative to keep customers engaged and promote long-term loyalty. One-on-one engagements and the personal touch help create an emotional equation with customers. 

Millennials are particularly attracted by brands that have an emotional connect, which can lead to favourable online reviews and word-of-mouth referrals. All of which can foster greater brand loyalty. Despite the massive advancement in technology, brand campaigns must still be embedded with the human touch to derive the best results. 

Become the solution for customer problems

An excellent way to build or boost brand loyalty is by offering solutions that leave a lasting impression on customers. This can be done by providing services that make their lives easier as well as listening and responding to consumer concerns, all of which are critical techniques for brands.  

Drive social media amplification

Social media marketing has emerged as an influential tool for small and big businesses to reach out to potential and current customers. Consumers browse, discover, follow and buy brands through social media, making Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn indispensable platforms for companies. The right marketing and messaging mix via social media can garner incredible traction for brands, building a devoted following within weeks and months that would otherwise take years. Consumers and social media influencers could emerge as devoted brand advocates, driving more leads and ensuring exponential sales. Companies missing out on social media are essentially handing their competitors an immense and undue advantage. 

Establish marketing tie-ups

Brand campaigns can move into higher orbits via alliances and marketing partnerships. Through collaborations, companies can put their best foot forward, ensuring much better content, messaging and service deliveries. Marketing partnerships also expose brands to new consumer cohorts. 

Leverage the power of big data

Deploy the power of big data to predict consumer behaviour and trends to target specific groups. Through these trends, brands can customise campaigns and reach out to prospective customers even before they begin browsing for their products or services. 

Use multiple touchpoints

For brand campaigns, it is vital to have synergy across all formats or mediums. Whether it is electronic, print, social or digital, companies can leverage both ATL and BTL marketing to positively influence both current and prospective customers. By using diverse media channels, brands can drive home their messaging faster and minimise the threat of reaching a saturation point with any specific medium. 

By following the above campaign strategies, companies could connect the dots and promote greater brand loyalty among old and new customer communities. 

The author is head of marketing, Spinny

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